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Do you want to learn to speak Dutch or improve your grasp of the language? You can improve both your spoken and written Dutch in a language training at Ziggurat Taaltrainingen. We have trainings suitable both for non-business related personal development, as well as for your or your employee’s work-related needs. We have three kinds of training available: personal training, open enrollment group courses, and in-house training.

Personal Training

Do you want to do a language training that is adapted to your level, your needs and your preferences? Then you should choose a personal training. This kind of training is made to fit your needs exactly. You might learn the language from the point of view of business, or improve your speaking skills, or work on your Dutch reading and writing. In a personal language training, you work with your very own language instructor in a one-on-one setting and on the days and times that work best for you. We can do the training in your home, at our location in Groningen or at your company’s location. What number of classes makes up your course is a matter of your personal goals, which we can discuss together with you in a free intake conversation. We will work together with you to make sure you get the training and the class content you need. And after your training is over, you will receive a certificate showing you reached your goals.

Open Enrollment Group Course

You can also opt to improve your Dutch skills in a group course with two to five others in a regular group course with open enrollment. This type of classes gives equal time to speaking and listening skills, and to reading and writing and conversational skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary at the most basic level of Dutch. Because there is a maximum of six people to a group, you can be sure you will get plenty of direct language teacher guidance. The open enrollment course is for beginners only.

The next series of open enrollment Dutch courses are


Training Location Start Price
Dutch Level I Groningen Apr, 04, 2018 €299,-

Are you unsure about your starting level? During a free intake conversation we will determine your starting level.

In-House Training

Is one or more of your employees looking to learn or improve their Dutch? Then we can come over to your company location and do a highly adaptive in-house training there. We will determine which personal development each of your employees needs according to their current level and the way in which they need to use the Dutch language. This means we shape their training entirely according to the practical applications they need – whether it be legal, technical, sales or highly specialist topics. Whichever your business sector is, we will adapt the training to the daily needs of your employees and help them use their newly learned Dutch on the job as soon as possible. Your employees will receive a certificate of progress at the end of the course, and we can teach the in-house training either in groups or one on one. We can discuss the possiblities in an intake conversation. Of course, the intake is free of charge.

Our Approach

At Ziggurat, you get the training you actually need. We ensure this by having an intake conversation with you, first. During this intake, we find out about what you want and what you need from a language training. Why do you want to learn Dutch? What do you need from a language training according to your preference and learning style? Which of the three course types would suit you best? From there, we take care of the rest. And we don’t just guide your progress in the classroom, either. We are always looking to find ways to help you learn the language faster, and if we find a way to help you learn more effectively – we will adapt the course in any way that would make it even better. When you give us your time and best efforts, that’s how we make sure you get the most out of that time – and you get your efforts rewarded.

Want to Learn More? Get Our Advice

At Ziggurat you will get the language training you need. How do we do that? First, we find out your wishes and needs in a free intake conversation – why you would like to learn Dutch and what training type would suit you best. We will test your level for free and write up our advice on your training in a comprehensive personal report.

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